Partnering with USA Cricket: Elevate the Sport in America


In the realm of cricket, a world of opportunities for growth and development awaits, and the United States is no exception. USA, the official National Federation for Cricket in the United States, recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC), is actively seeking visionary partners to propel the sport to new heights. In this article, we will embark on a journey to explore this exciting opportunity in detail, examining the available categories, evaluation criteria, and the transformative potential of this partnership.

The Call to Partnership: USA Cricket Request for Proposals (RFP)

USA Cricket has initiated a significant milestone in its quest for a prominent kit and cricket equipment supplier(s) by releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP). The objective is crystal clear: establish a formal association with suppliers responsible for providing playing apparel, equipment, and cricket balls to USA Cricket and its vast membership across the nation.

The Supplier Categories in Cricket

This ambitious endeavor encompasses three distinctive categories, each offering unique avenues for suppliers to contribute to the advancement of cricket in the USA:

1. Playing Kit and Equipment Suppliers for USA Cricket National Teams

This category encompasses Senior Men’s, Women’s, and U-19s (Men’s and Women’s) teams. As the exclusive supplier in this category, you will play an instrumental role in enhancing the performance and image of these national teams on the global stage.

2. Playing Kit and Equipment for Domestic Competitions and Events

This category extends to events such as the National Championships and other domestic competitions. Suppliers within this segment will be tasked with outfitting and equipping participants in these prestigious events, thereby contributing to the professionalization of the country.

3. Playing Kit and Equipment for USA Cricket Members Nationwide

This category involves the provision of cricket gear and apparel directly to USA Cricket members, accessible through the USAC membership portal. Suppliers participating in this segment will facilitate the grassroots growth of cricket, ensuring that enthusiasts nationwide have access to top-quality equipment for both competition and training.

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Evaluation Criteria

Proposals submitted to USA Cricket will undergo a meticulous evaluation process to identify the most suitable partners. The assessment will hinge on the following key factors:

1. Alignment with RFP Requirements

Proposals must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the RFP’s requirements and provide solutions that align seamlessly with USA Cricket’s vision.

2. Product Quality

The quality of the products offered, encompassing apparel, equipment, and cricket balls, will be a critical determinant in the evaluation process.

3. Financial Offering

Suppliers must present competitive financial proposals that reflect the value of their products and services.

4. Logistical Expertise

Effectively addressing the logistical challenges inherent to supply agreements of this magnitude is paramount. Successful suppliers must demonstrate their proficiency in handling logistics efficiently.

5. Fit for Partnership

USA Cricket is in search of partners genuinely committed to the sport’s growth in the United States. Suppliers must align with the organization’s values and objectives.

Appointment Duration

Upon successful selection, the chosen suppliers will be appointed immediately, with their tenure extending until December 30, 2024. This guarantees a stable and productive partnership over a substantial period, allowing both USA and its suppliers to collaboratively work towards the common goal of advancing in the USA.

The Strategic Significance of Partnering with USA Cricket

Collaborating with USA Cricket is not merely a business opportunity; it represents a chance to play a pivotal role in making a mainstream sport in the United States. The USA  has outlined ambitious strategic objectives in its Foundational Plan, and the selected supplier(s) will be central to achieving these goals.

Strategic Objectives of USA Cricket

USA Cricket’s Foundational Plan encapsulates several strategic objectives that this partnership aims to address:

1. Increasing Participation

Elevating participation levels at all stages of the sport is a primary goal. Whether it involves children picking up a cricket bat for the first time or seasoned players representing the nation, this partnership will contribute significantly to expanding the cricket community.

2. Growing the Fan Base

Cricket thrives on passionate fans, and USA is committed to increasing the number of enthusiasts nationwide. This entails creating a vibrant culture that resonates with both existing fans and newcomers.

3. Enhancing National Team Performance

The performance of national teams, including Senior Men’s, Women’s, and U-19s, is a matter of national pride. The USA is dedicated to providing its teams with the best possible equipment and apparel to help them compete at the highest level.

4. Sustainable Growth

Sustainability lies at the heart of USA Cricket’s vision. This partnership will contribute to building a sustainable infrastructure for in the United States, ensuring the sport’s long-term success.

5. Supporting the Cricket Community

Beyond the elite level, this partnership will extend its benefits to the entire community across the country. Clubs, players, coaches, and enthusiasts will all have access to top-quality gear, fostering growth and development at every level.

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Submission and Contact Information

For companies eager to seize this remarkable opportunity, the following submission and contact details are of utmost importance:

  • Submission Deadline for Queries: May 31, 2023
  • Final Proposal Submission Deadline: June 4th, 2023, no later than 3 pm PST


In conclusion, USA Cricket’s call for partnership presents an exceptional opportunity for kit and equipment suppliers to become the Official Apparel, Equipment, and Ball Supplier for the USA. This partnership transcends mere business dealings; it signifies a commitment to the growth and development of the United States, with the ultimate aim of establishing.

By participating in this endeavor, suppliers can contribute significantly to the evolution of the USA and benefit from a long-term association with one of the most promising markets worldwide. The chosen suppliers will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the United States, leaving an indelible mark on the sport’s history.

Do not miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to make a lasting impact in the world of cricket and be part of a movement that aspires to bring to the forefront of American sports.

About USA Cricket

USA Cricket stands as the National Federation for Cricket in the United States, officially recognized by the International Cricket Council. Its mission is to govern, regulate, develop, and promote all forms of at all levels in the United States. USA envisions enabling U.S. cricketers to achieve sustained competitive excellence and successfully compete in national and international competitions. With a diverse Board of Directors representing various cricket stakeholder groups, USA is poised to drive the sport’s growth and development in the United States.